Toronto Real Estate Market Watch

Every month, around five to ten thousand properties are sold in the Greater Toronto Area and the total listings are represented by 15,000 or even more homes. You need a good strategy to analyze the market before buying or selling. We can help.

Toronto’s Real Estate Districts

Jamie will find out from you where you are interested in living. If you have no idea where you would like to live – Jamie will make valuable suggestions based on your needs, now and in the future.

Understanding the Local Market

More on how a professional CMA shows you what comparable homes and condo units are selling for, all around you

Market Research: Your Options

Choosing the right location and tracking the market - what you can do and how we can help.

Market Research: Setting Boundaries

What you definitely want, what is optionalfor you, and what you don't want at all.

Market Research: House or Condo?

When setting the bundaries for your research, this is the key question: A condo, or a house? Consider all differences carefully.

Open Houses & Showings

Visiting a particular property is the high point of your research.

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